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Are Your Releasd Pages Getting Engagement?

The reporting system within Releasd shows how many people have visited a Page, when, for how long and on what device. But what indicates good engagement, and why?

Comms teams buy into Releasd for a variety of reasons. Some want to demonstrate the value of their work. Some want to get precious coverage and collateral into the hands of their Commercial teams. Some are looking to build a sense of pride in the business.

But they all have

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How To Make Every Piece Of Coverage Shine

The ability to control every aspect of how an article is presented in Releasd gives Comms teams unparalleled power over how their work is perceived by stakeholders.

We all know the feeling. You’ve scored a killer piece of coverage in a great title – but Execs are likely to miss its true value because the juicy bits are buried halfway down the page.

Well, thanks to Releasd’s Articles widget, that sinking feeling is now a thing of the

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What Makes A Killer Background Image?

A background image can make or break a page. We’ve seen thousands over the past few years and have picked up some simple dos and don’ts.

Looking to blow your stakeholders away with a stunning background image that complements the content on the Page? We recommend choosing wisely.

But where to start? Follow our five top tips for the best chance of success:

1. Make it relevant: pretty obvious, but a good background image should ideally have some

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5 Ways To Make Executives Care About Comms

A surprising number of Comms leaders ask us how they can make their Execs care more about what they do. They key is to accept that they will care at some points more than others – and use that fact to your advantage.

Some of the Comms teams we work with have always been in the lucky position of having their contribution to the company well understood and appreciated.

Sad to say, this is not the norm. Many

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The Importance Of Coverage Curation

To really engage busy Execs, be brave, park the junk and let the truly impactful coverage shine.

We all know it: Executives have very little time. They’re running between meetings. They have two minutes to check their mobiles. So in-house Comms teams need to exploit their moment in the sun as effectively as possible.

And that’s where the publicity paradox comes in:

More success = more coverage = longer report = less engagement from Execs.

The urge to

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How to Successfully Launch Releasd (5 Steps)

Photo by SpaceX on Unsplash

One of the most critical elements to a successful roll-out of Releasd is the internal launch. It’s a relatively painless but invaluable process and something we do in close partnership with all of our new clients.

For years, colleagues across your organisation have been used to receiving the standard ‘Monthly coverage report’ email and, in all probability, swiftly hitting delete.

It’s not their fault – they’ve been conditioned to do so on the assumption that what lies in

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An Interview With Govind Hodgson, VP Of Sales At Releasd

A brief chat with Govind, our Sales leader, reveals his inner thesp and (almost) shines a light on a rather unusual name for a born and bred Aussie.

Hey Govind, tell us a little about your background

My background is quite mixed, although I have spent the last 6 years working mainly with Marcomms teams. I’ve been lucky enough to work at brands like the Guardian and Hootsuite and have headed up a number of

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8 Ways That Comms Teams Are Helping Other Departments Raise Their Game

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

Every Comms team wants to provide value to the business it serves. Showcasing coverage is one way of doing this. But there is another, more novel approach we’re seeing across our client base.

The desire to prove the value of Comms is hard-wired into every PR.

This has been traditionally achieved by showcasing coverage. That’s not going to change any time soon.  But there is another way.

Empowered by the ability to share the full spectrum of their

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How To Demystify Comms Once And For All

Comms teams are engaged in an ongoing struggle to explain what they do and why it matters to the business. The problem, ironically, lies with the focus on coverage, to the detriment of everything else.

We’ve seen thousands of successful Comms updates, and here’s what we’ve learned:

Curate coverage

Curating the best coverage and parking the rest is key. Only by reducing the volume of scans and screenshots will the other key information have a chance to be

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Create A More Compelling Cover Email In 5 Simple Steps

Releasd was created in part because email is unable to showcase the full spectrum of work done by modern Comms teams. But those cover emails can work much harder than you think.

It’s still often necessary to share the Releasd URL via email. A question we get asked frequently is: ‘How do we encourage recipients to click through to view our Page?’ Here are five practical tips to that end:

1. Make the subject line work (much) harder


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